Thanks from Bethesda Project

Thanks from Bethesda Project

The staff at Bethesda Project’s Church Shelter Program would like to extend a sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to your congregation for being such gracious hosts to our winter shelter at Old First this season. Your hospitality and willingness to open your doors to the chronically homeless gentlemen served by the winter shelter was a lifesaving gift.

The gentlemen who came in to the shelter every night dealt with extreme conditions each day including the weather, their own issues, and how society  often sees them as unworthy and a burden. By the time they came into the doors of Old First for the evening, they were feeling beat down to say the least; but your gift of providing a clean, safe, and welcoming environment helped them to heal and you could quickly see their hardened faces change to smiles. Your presence  at community meals provided opportunities for the men to feel part of something, taken care of, and seen.

This is what makes Old First winter shelter so special. Other shelters offer a safe bed which is so vital; but Old First’s shelter offers a community that breaks bread together and sees the gentlemen as people worthy of dignity and respect. We are so very grateful for everything.


Sarah Erdo

Bethesda Project, Church Shelter Program Coordinator