Thanks, O.F., from the Philly Association/UCC

Thanks, O.F., from the Philly Association/UCC

To: The Congregation of Old First Reformed UCC

From: The UCC Philadelphia Association

Dear OF folks: I speak for the whole UCC Philadelphia Association when i offer a huge thank you for your radical hospitality last Sunday for all that attended the Fall Meeting of the UCC Philadelphia Association. Thank you so much for all the food you prepared, for all the financial donations you made so that additional food could be bought, for helping in the kitchen, for all the time spent setting up and taking down. You were all amazing! You provided a perfect setting for the closing of our association’s year-long 50th birthday celebration. The community room looked great with all the red table cloths – and yummy food everywhere! You were wonderful, wonderful hosts, totally undeterred by the on-coming storm!

With gratitude.

Susan Wargo
Acting Moderator
UCC Philadelphia Association