The Animals Arrive Monday (12.10)! Help Build the Creche this Sat. (12.08) or Care for the Animals (12.10-28)

The Animals Arrive Monday (12.10)! Help Build the Creche this Sat. (12.08) or Care for the Animals (12.10-28)

Early one Saturday in late November or early December, Keith, Mark W. and John R. show up to reconstruct the creche that will be the temporary shelter for our visiting barn animals during the Christmas season. These men handle this job for us every year. But they are not selfish with this task. They enlist many of the men who are around for the Saturday Cupboard. In fact, men from the cupboard ask when we’re going to build the manger! And they’d welcome your help too!

The creche will be constructed Sat., Dec 8. If anyone wants to help, just show up at 8:00 a.m. (or please contact Keith or Mark W. or the church office). It’s a fun building project, and a nice way to get started on the Christmas season.

The parts of the creche “live” in the crypt most of the year. But sort of magically (for those of us who aren’t around or involved), men from our Saturday cupboard help carry them out to the front parking lot, and they are all assembled– the manger for the holy family and their human guests… shepherds and kings; a side stall for the animals, the cow, a donkey, a couple of goats and a couple of sheep; and a fence that creates a corral for the animals to walk and feed in and around which delighted children of all ages visit the old, old story of Jesus and his birth.

Once the animals arrive on December 10, we’ll need volunteers to care for the animals. There is sign-up sheet at church in the hallway between the lower narthex and the social hall. Or you can sign-up right now on-line!

Michael’s appreciation of the “earthiness” of the incarnation has been greatly added to since arriving to Old First, and Christmas preparations have involved shoveling manure! Really, there is something basic and grounding about taking your turn at caring for the creche animals. It would be great if more people signed up to share the work!

Stop by to visit the animals beginning Dec 10; bring some friends to welcome them back and to their temporary home. (And sign up for a shift or two caring for them— it’s not that bad!)

With the arrival of the creche, the front parking lot will not available for awhile. Sorry for folks for whom walking is tough, but you probably will have to end up on 4th Street at a greater distance. (And some Sundays, we now use up all of the possible 4th Street parking, so if you can carpool or use public transportation…) And for you late-comers who sometimes fly into the last spot in the lot and block others in… tsk, tsk, tsk! Your last minute, time-saving parking spot will be taken up by farm animals. Set your alarm a little earlier. Why, you could even sign up to care for the animals on Sunday morning, and arrive before most of your competition for a nearby parking space!