The Artist's Way: new time — Sat. at 10:00: first meeting — Feb. 2

The Artist's Way: new time — Sat. at 10:00: first meeting — Feb. 2

Ah, coordinating schedules of busy people… it’s not easy!

The time has been re-set for this group: Saturdays at 10 a.m.. The first meeting will be Saturday, Feb. 2 at church!

The premise behind “The Artist’s Way” is that God is a creator and calls us to create. Many of us find it difficult to devote attention to our creative gifts. “The Artist’s Way” is a workbook designed to help.

There are twelve chapters of reading followed by written and other exercises. I’m writing those who have expressed an interest in working through “The Artist’s Way” and meeting once a week after working through each chapter to discuss any thoughts, insights or roadblocks we wish to share.

If you have not let me know of your interest, please do so. This is an open group (no matter how artistic or blocked you find yourself!).

I have found the book helpful, and I think working through it as a group will help us encourage each other to use our gifts and figure out how to use our own gifts.

The questions we will go through in the book are very personal, and it also requires a commitment, but we don’t need to share any more than we feel comfortable with, and there are exercises you may want to skip or go back to.

In other words, we are not in the group to do the work – we will each do that as individuals. The group is to share what ever we want to about our journey.

We need to decide when to meet. I think we should count on an hour – hour and a half for each meeting. Mindy has also expressed an interest in doing some other creative ventures such as going to shows or exhibits, I think we can deal with the “field trips” as they come up.

It would be good to read the introduction before our first meeting so we all have an understanding of the principles behind the book. I think everyone wants to start soon. We have eight people interested so far. If you get back to me with your preference for times – maybe give me a first and 2nd choice – we can set up a schedule. So:

~ weekdays – give me possible days
~ week nights – give me possible nights
~ Saturday – starting ? (give me a time)

Should we meet at the church? Easy for everybody to find and there is parking. But we could meet someplace else…

I’m looking forward to becoming more empowered to be more creative with all of you.

Janice Smith