The Capital Campaign Goals in a Snapshot

The Capital Campaign Goals in a Snapshot

As the activity building up to the Capital Campaign is getting under way, the buzz and excitement are also beginning to build. And people are starting to ask questions.

Over the summer, there will be a number of meetings in people’s homes where a fuller presentation of the campaign, its goals, process and timeline will be presented in preparation for the fall’s Kick-off. At those meetings, you will be able to ask any questions you might have.

Campaign materials are in the process of being prepared now, and they will be shared as they are available.

We are trying to roll out this process in a way that everyone can take part. And we mean to share information as widely as possible.

To remind ourselves, as we hear more and more about the campaign, here are the two main goals and their “wish lists” (which are also listed on the poster board in the Upper Narthex).

If you want to know more, please speak with Mike W. or another member of the Capital Campaign committee.

    Goal 1 Build Dynamic, Growing Congregation

Against a backdrop of declining church attendance nationally, Old First is growing. Groups that typically don’t go to church — like young adults without kids or gay & transgendered people — are drawn by our commitment to service and by our extravagant welcome. With targeted investments in our building and our technology, we can build on this success.

Wish List for Goal 1:

    ~ Renovate sanctuary, including enhancing chancel to accommodate flexible worship experiences and artistic performances, plus adding new windows, flooring, sound system, and lighting ($200,000)
    ~ Brighten sanctuary building entrance with new doors and improved lighting ($50,000)
    ~ Deferred building maintenance ($160,000)
    ~ Loan repayment ($50,000)

      Goal 2 Explore Options for Outreach Ministries

    How can Old First alleviate poverty in Philadelphia?

    For over 30 years Old First has offered shelter, fellowship, and ministry to Philadelphia’s urban poor. We’ve provided meals, clothing, and a safe place to stay for the most vulnerable of our neighbors. At the same time Old First has served as a place for young people from across the country to explore their faith and engage in life-changing urban ministry.

    The time has come to grow and expand our outreach capacity. Old First is poised to have a greater effect on hunger, homelessness and poverty in Philadelphia.

    Goal 2. Wish List

    This capital campaign will fund Phase 1 of a three-phase project to expand our outreach services. During Phase 1, we will develop a detailed plan that would include envisioned outreach programs, service location(s), potential partners, and estimated funding needs. At the end of Phase 1 this plan will be presented to Old First’s congregation for approval. ($90,000)

    Phases 2 and 3 of the project would involve raising separate funds and then executing the plan. Only Phase 1 is to be funded as part of this capital campaign.