The Check is in the Mail (or Missing in the Mail)

The Check is in the Mail (or Missing in the Mail)

Have you ever wondered about the process of electronic payment?  You go on-line, press some keys and voila!  The check magically goes to the person or company that you wish to pay.  The institution that issues the check takes care of everything.  Much easier than when we had to write out the check, address the envelope, find a stamp, lick the envelope and put it in the mailbox.

We receive dozens of checks a month from congregation members and donors, most of them from institutions through electronic payments.  When checks arrive, they are copied, put in a locked drawer with other checks, and recorded.  We try to keep detailed records of everything that we receive.  

Lately we’ve had problems with the post office.  Checks that were sent electronically have failed to arrive at Old First.  And those who make the payments don’t know that checks have not been received until months later, when notices are sent from the banks that the checks have not been cashed.

Old First can’t track the checks because we were the recipient and not the sender.  The senders don’t know that checks have not been received, since they don’t make out the checks, address and stamp the envelopes and put them out to be mailed.  They trust that the institutions do all that and rarely give it a second thought.  The institution sends out hundreds of checks a day, and again, they don’t know that it hasn’t been received, until it doesn’t clear, months later.

We apologize to all those who have had this problem. We plan to work with the post office to find out what can be done to solve the problem.  In the meantime, if you notice that a payment to Old First has not cleared your account, please let us know.  We appreciate your patience.