The Children’s Corner

The Children’s Corner

In my long article last week about progress on completing the Sanctuary, I forgot to include our plans for the Children’s Corner. They are just in the planning stage right now, as Janice has not even had time to draw the plans yet, much less build them. But we have an interim solution to begin trying out our design.

The plan to create a play area for the babies and toddlers in the back corner of the Sanctuary. The rockers will be there for parents. And in front of them, there will be a child’s play mat on the floor covering the hardwood floor.

The rockers will be at the back and the outside wall of the church will be on two sides of the play mat. On the other two sides, the corner will be “cordoned off” by a 2-piece, L-shaped bookcase that will be made from the pews we are not using. These bookcases will open to the inside and contain all of the play things for the kids. They will be built on wheels, so when the full Sanctuary is needed for other purposes, the bookshelves can be stored in the upper narthex, with their open shelving side against the wall between the doors. The mats will simply be able to be picked up and stored.

As Janice is doing her residency and away for the next 2 months, we have an interim plan to try out our design. There is currently one such bookshelf in our nursery, and we are going to simply borrow it for a while. Our interim bookcase will be neither as big as the bookcases Janice will custom design build, nor as elegant as the ones she creates that will match other furniture in the Sanctuary. But it will give us a trial run to make sure the idea works before we put all the effort in to realizing it. 

Families and babies and small children are vital to our church!  We want our Sanctuary to be a space for everyone.