The Christmas Fund (for Veterans of the Cross) Offering, starting this Sun., 12.29

Envelopes for the last of the UCC’s Four Annual Special Offerings, The Christmas Fund (for Veterans of the Cross) will be in your orders of service this Sunday. Please consider making a gift. Below is a note from Michael Downs of the UCC Pension Boards explaining the Special Offering:

“Grace to you and peace in the name of our Savior, the Light of the World!

The theme for the 2013 Christmas Fund Offering is “We Have Come to Bear the Light of Christ.” For 111 years, the Christmas Fund for the Veterans of the Cross and the Emergency Fund — one of four special mission offerings of the United Church of Christ — have been a way in which we, as members of the United Church of Christ and the predecessor denominations from which our denomination was born, share the light and love of Jesus Christ to those who ave so faithfully and selflessly served, and who now find themselves facing unforeseen financial crises.

Your generous giving to the 2012 Offering enabled the Pension Boards Ministerial Assistance program to provide, on behalf of the whole Church, $1,465,437.55 in Supplementation of Small Annuities, Health Premium Supplementation, Emergency Grants and Christmas “Thank You” Gift Checks to individuals and families in need. We are thankful for your partnership and generosity, and ask that your prayerfully consider supporting this year’s appeal to the best of your ability.

On behalf of the hundreds of clergy and lay employees and families whose lives were touched by your giving to the last Christmas Fund Offering, I express profound gratitude for your generosity and compassion.

May the love and light of Bethlehem’s child continue to fill your life.


Michael A. Downs
President / Chief Executive Officer,
The Pension Boards — United Church of Christ, Inc.”