(Once again) The COOLEST Place to Be On Sunday Morning

(Once again) The COOLEST Place to Be On Sunday Morning

Your pastor — who admits to being a bit too proud of not believing in air conditioning– can at least laugh at himself about how excited he is over the new cooling tower for the Sanctuary building. It’s installed and working!

Yes, Old First welcomes urban service camps all summer, so people are sleeping in the social hall. Even the youngest kids already complain about sleeping on the floor. (One of this week’s three camps showed up this week with cots, and it’s become usual to have to find room for everyone’s blow up mattresses.)

But this week, when they were facing un-airconditioned nights, Billi, Mindi and I feared rebellion. One group said they might just leave before the first night they faced “room temperature.”

And as lovely as Sunday morning are here, well, ok, even Michael admits, it’s easier to think holy thoughts when one isn’t burning up…

There’s good news in all this?

The air conditioning installers, under the watchful eyes of their supervisors and our own Mark Wagenveld, got the new cooling tower here on Wednesday. It was hooked up and running by midday Thursday. (We’d been warned that they might not get it going until Friday, and Michael worried that if there were any delays, we could end up with a disappointing Sunday.)

But, alas, anxiety over nothing. “Let tomorrow worry for itself!” The a/c works again in both the social hall and the sanctuary. You can rest assured: Old First is again the coolest place in Philly on Sunday morning!

We’re not going to crank it so cold that you need sweaters. And we’ve ordered some special, quiet, high-powered church fans, so we can keep it cooler with a higher thermostat. But still, expect a comfortable, non-humid sanctuary.

Another reason to come to church this Sunday!