The Creche Ministry

The Creche Ministry

With just 20 days until the animals arrive, I want to share with you the timeline and upcoming events for this year’s Creche Ministry. It is after all, the single occasion of our most visits annually, followed only by Sunday mornings.

The crèche will be constructed on Nov 29th. If you are interested in helping to assemble the structure, please speak with Mark Wagenveld or Keith Haberern. They also enlist men from our Saturday Cupboard.

The animals will arrive from a mysterious farm in Lancaster County on December 11th. They will sojourn with us until Dec. 29. A cow. A donkey. Two Sheep. Two Goats.

We need help caring for the animals. Look for a post next week on Facebook and in the e-pistle where you can sign up to help with feeding and mucking the crèche. There will be a mandatory training for all crèche volunteers on December 12th at 6pm. You will learn about how to muck and feed, as well as how to get in and out of the fence. Even if you are an old farm hand, we need folks at this training, so they no where to find keys, feed and the mucking can. It takes a village to maintain the health of the animals, and we hope that some of you will help take on the burden of caring for them. Michael says his experience of Christmas has gotten much more grounded since he got to Old First!

We will again have photo day with the animals. This will occur on December 14th after worship. Richard H. and I will serve cocoa and cookies, and Yajeh will be leading the kids in a craft while they wait their turn with the camera, the corral and the animals. This has been a big hit within our congregation and beyond. We look forward to sharing the joy of the crèche with the rest of the wider community. You might get this date on your friends’ calendar now, especially friends with kids.

Billi C.