The Elephant in the Pew–Please complete this survey!

The Elephant in the Pew–Please complete this survey!
This summer we will occasionally experiment with different sermon styles and ideas. The first of these services is an Elephant in the Pew sermon on July 25th

definition of “elephant in the room”

:  an obvious major problem or issue that people avoid discussing or acknowledging

A pretty straight forward definition from Merriam-Webster of a pretty common idiom. But how would you define an Elephant in the Pew?

Here’s how we’re looking at it:
What are the major problems, questions or issues that we face that we are not talking about in church? What issue have you discussed extensively but would  like to explore more through the lens of faith?
Start the discussion by submitting your “Elephant in the Pew” question/topic on the survey <click here>. Submissions will be used to inspire the June 25th sermon, blogs on the website and potentially a sermon at the end of the summer.

Thank you,
Chair, Worship Standing Leadership Group