Our Goal: The Friendliest Congregation in Philadelphia (after all the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection)

Our Goal: The Friendliest Congregation in Philadelphia (after all the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection)

On a recent Sunday, friends of Michael, who happened to be in the Philadelphia area, worshiped with us. They told him later how they found Old First remarkably friendly.

Good job, Old First!

A year and a half ago, we started a new hospitality ministry. Our stated goal at the time was to become the friendliest congregation in Philadelphia. Or at least not to miss what are mostly one-shot opportunities: to welcome people who give us a try and visit worship. We’ve made strides:
~ Greeters are more consistently posted at the front door welcoming members, friends and new comers as they enter our building on Sunday mornings.
~ We’re doing a better job of reaching out to visitors during Fellowship Hour.
~ We’ve re-imagined the work of serving at Fellowship Hour by dividing into eight hospitality teams and recognizing that greeting folks we do not know is more important that putting the food out on the table!

We’re still not quite there, though. There are times when newcomers stand off to the side along during Fellowship Hour, while all around them the swarm of Old Firsters is catching up with one another. And some of our hospitality teams are a little thin on volunteers.

You Can Help

If we each take a little responsibility for welcoming visitors among us, we’ll make even more progress toward our goal of becoming the Friendliest Congregation in Philadelphia.

  • If you’re already on a hospitality team, please be sure to participate when your team’s scheduled Sunday comes around. If you can’t be at church that day, please work with your team captain to find someone from another team to switch with.
  • If you’re not on a team, please sign up for one! The duty is not onerous! Each team serves just once every eight weeks. Many hands make light work! (Just let Suzanne Cole or Mindy in the church office know you are interested.)
  • And whether you’re on a hospitality team or not…whether it’s your scheduled Sunday to host or not…look around at Fellowship Hour and introduce yourself to someone new (whether s/he is a first time visitor or just someone you haven’t met yet)! Try to remember what it feels like for you to be in a roomful of strangers, and how grateful you are when a friendly face approaches!

If you have questions about our hospitality ministry, talk to Suzanne Cole