The Gardening Hand-Off

The Gardening Hand-Off

In one of those serendipities, an intrepid gardener left her home in Chagrin Falls, Ohio and moved to Philly a couple of years ago, to be closer to her sons. Walking her dog, Murphy, she was attracted by the creche. She saw some handmade signs on the fence, about the meaning of Christmas, and, though she’d been away from church for years, wandered in to check things out.

The rest is history. The eastside patio is an urban farm. The front courtyard gardens have been expanded, and it’s looking sort of lush around here. Val, with all lot of hard work, persistence, help and who knows what other tricks, has made a difference in her tenure among us. She leaves us now, for Istanbul of all places, where she will teach English as a Second Language.

Last Monday, Val met with the Gardeners (yes, we have a Gardeners Ministry Team now — they even are a group in our Big Tent!) for the hand-off. We are hoping she will be in worship this Sunday so that congregation can say good-bye. But she wanted to go through the gardens with us — plant by plant! (You got to love those who really love their gardens!) And it impressed on me how much these last few years have really seen a transformation in our landscape…

But now Val’s passing the baton, and we need to take over, without dropping anything!

Mostly, the front garden is planted. Some of it is just finished, so it’s still tender and in need of care. So we’re talking about weeding and watering. We’re figuring out how to share the tasks, and set up a schedule. We also hope to get our irrigation system to work a bit better and take on some of the load…

This Saturday at 1:30 p.m. Michael will be working with a visiting service camp to get the last few plants in the ground. If you want to join them, learn more about our gardens or just get started on being involved, you will be very welcome!