The Germans Are Coming

The Germans Are Coming

This summer Old First will again have German interns — from the Penn SE Conf.’s sister-regional church in the Sachsen-Anhalt area of Germany. (This is the same body that sent us Martin a few years back, but not where the Markusgemeinde in Bielefeld is.)

Two young men in their late 20’s, Kai and Nils, will be with us from mid-May until the beginning of August. They will be taking 3 months off from their lives, to come and see what it’s like living in Philly, practicing their Engish, getting to know the Old First community and helping us around the church. Rather than ministry, Kai and Nils will be helping us by doing repair and maintenance around the property. Janice S. is currently composing a list of jobs for them to take on for us.

Below are the bios. they have provided to introduce themselves:

Dear Community of Old First,

We were very happy receiving the invitation from Mr. Caine to join Old First from May 12th for about 11 or 12 weeks. After weeks of planning and dealing with our employers, finally everything’s arranged and this journey is coming up.

I would like to introduce myself:    My name is Kai Magnus Wittrock and I’m from Minden, Germany. I’m 28 years old and an electronics technician here in my hometown. My mum is a nurse in the neighboring town and my father was a self-employed offset-printer, but sadly past away in September last year. I went to German Realschule (middle-school) from 2000 to 2005 and to Secondary school (which was part of my apprenticeship) another 3,5 years. After that I started my civilian service on hospital in Minden for 9 months, where I served in the housing technology.Since early 2010 I’m working as an electronics technician for umpteen employers here in my area, right now I am responsible for the electrical plant of another hospital near my hometown.

I’m very excited about this upcoming event and wondering what experiences I will make in Philly. I hope to have an informatory and good time here with you. I want to give my own contribution to your church and try to accredit the expense of our stay.  Also I definitely want to improve my English skills. This is necessary. At least I want to thank my uncle Joachim Liebig (who established the connection) and especially Mr. Caine and everyone who made our visit possible. We really do appreciate and will try to give something back.

Best regards, Kai


Dear community of Old First,

I appreciate the opportunity to introduce myself:

My name is Nils Edler and I will join Old First with my mate Kai from the 12th of May for about 80 days. I am 27 years old and from Minden, Germany.  I have got one younger sister who is 24 years old and studies “special education” on Leipniz University Hannover. She will get her Master’s degree this year. My father works as a police detective and my mother is the head of an evangelical kindergarten.  From 1999 to 2008 I attend the Besselgymnasium Minden, which I finished with the german “Abitur”. After that I started my “Zivildienst” (social/civilian service) on hospital in Minden for 10 month, where I did administrative work for children’s hospital.

Since 2009 I have done an apprenticeship at the Polipol-Group, a leading producing furniture-company in Europe, as an industrial business management assistant. Meanwhile I’m also employed by this company as a commercial clerk and study “Business Administration” on a private, state-recognised university for economics and management in Bremen. That’s the optimally way to combine study and work, lectures are held in the evenings and at weekends. My employer was fine with my intention to escape daily routine and go to USA for 3 months, so they said I can be on leave for this period. After my stay in Philly I will resume my duties within the Polipol-Group and write the final thesis for my Bachelor’s degree.

I am excited to stay here and get the chance being a member of your community. I will try to make my own contribution to your church and enjoy this new experience and the time here with all of you. Furthermore, I definitely want to improve my speaking skills in English as soon as possible. If you have any questions concerning myself or other things do not hesitate to ask.  But be a bit patient with me, please. In the beginning maybe I have to ask you twice, because I am afraid my English is a bit rusty.

Finally a big thanks to Pastor Michael Caine who makes our visit possible.

See you,