The Gifts of God

The Gifts of God

Typically, when you read my posts they’re about Outreach – nine times out of ten I’m telling you what’s going on in Outreach or asking for your continued support. And while that is no less important this week, I had the overwhelming desire to write something different — Sitting in the church office, I had this almost unrecognizable feeling to share with you words from God outside of outreach.

These past few weeks, I’ve been trying to live out my purpose on this earth. Asking God –what is it that I’m meant to do—what’s my purpose? I know that it involves helping others and working to create a system of change –where inequality and disenfranchisement is something of the past – but yet, I still felt lost.

Stepping outside of my own thoughts and into God’s light, I recognized that in my quest to find “my true purpose in this life” that I, like you, have been blessed with gifts of the spirit.

Gifts of the spirit?  These are the gifts of God from God to us. These gifts include the gift of wisdom: to be able to make decisions and give guidance, the gift of knowledge: the ability to have an in-depth understanding of a spiritual issue or situation, the gift of healing: the ability to use God’s healing power to restore a person who is sick, injured or suffering, the gift of administration: the ability to keep things organized, or the gift of helping: the desire to and ability to help others.

What a wonderful thing to know, that we all have these gifts as children of God.

This week, I’ve come to realize this it is up to us to hone in, welcome and embrace these gifts.

Have a wonderful week ~ and may you find and live up to your gift!


Alesha, Outreach Coordinator