The Meal’s Not Holy Until Everyone’s at the Table: World Communion Sunday, Oct. 7

The Meal’s Not Holy Until Everyone’s at the Table: World Communion Sunday, Oct. 7

“The Meal’s Not Holy Until Everyone’s at the Table” is a phrase that’s usually said in protest… to advocate for groups this or that branch of the church excludes. But it could be said equally about the inability of the whole church to sit down together and share together the meal Jesus prepares for us. World Communion tries to get around that, at least figuratively, as on this one Sunday we re-member (literally “put the body of Christ back together”) that it’s one Table because Jesus is the host and it’s his meal.

This Sunday, as we celebrate communion in our Sanctuary at 4th and Race, we will remember that we are also coming to the Table with Christians all around the world to share ONE meal.

Hopefully, you always have some personal preparation you do before worship each week, for example, think about the Scriptures in advance or say a prayer for the people you will meet in worship and for the pastor. But this week, Michael is asking us to do a bit more preparation, to make this celebration really special:

1) Will you take the time and consider who you might invite to join us. Someone who you haven’t seen at church for awhile… give them a call and invite them to come this week. (Michael is looking for a ride for Lois to get down here from the Wyncote Church Home too!) Or someone who’s never been to our church, but you think might enjoy worshiping with us. Take the time and extend the invitation.

2) Bring food for our cupboard, We served almost 100 people at the cupboard last week. We actually had to tell people they couldn’t come in the social hall for awhile, as we were at capacity. This is almost a 40% rise from the number of people we have served until recently, and probably reflects the greater hunger needs occasioned by recent state budget cutbacks. We are going to have to figure out how to get more food donations as the need we are facing is growing.

We can make some difference by using World Communion Sunday as a reason for a food collection. Every Sunday, people bring donations for our food and clothing cupboard and leave them by the doors to the sanctuary; you see them go forward with the offering plates during worship. World Communion Sunday reminds us how much hunger there is in our world. And when we can go to the Table to be fed, shouldn’t we do what we can to make sure other hungry people are feed too?

Please, before Sunday, purchase or collect some food to bring as a donation for our cupboard. Pop-top cans of pasta meals, or canned meat or fish or other prepared foods that people without access to kitchens can easily enjoy are best. Leave it at the door to the sanctuary, and let’s be surprised by how much is to be brought forward at the Offering…

3) Our service will be a series of reflections from UCC missionaries serving around the world… that we might better know the needs and the ministry responses of the church worldwide. We will also remember all the peoples of the world. This service will involve bringing bread to the Table multiple times to prepare for a feast wherein everyone can be fed. Would you be willing to bake bread for our service? If so, please let Michael know…

How good it is when the people of God eat and drink together the feast of love which Jesus has prepared for them. See you on Sunday…