The Name Tag Cabinets Have Arrived

The Name Tag Cabinets Have Arrived

“You know that person at church, you see all the time, but you can’t remember her name?”

To help people put names with faces, and talk to one another, and get to know one another, we’ve been putting greater emphasis on people wearing their name tags. (We think that the new REALM picture directory helps too!).

To make it easier for people to use their name tages, we’ve now installed cabinets for them:

~ the main one is on the landing on the stairs going up to the Sanctuary. All the name tags fit in there easily, “hanging” magnetically, arranged loosely in alphabetical order.

~ for people who do not use the stairs, there is a second name tag cabinet, on the ground floor, just to the right of the Elevator.

We make name tags available to anyone who requests them. Simply let Mindy in the office know that you need a name tag, and it will be ordered for you. You can do so by contacting here or just writing on the Friendship pads or your offering envelope in church on Sunday.

People might recognize the name tag cabinets, as Janice fashioned them out of pews we have removed… so they match the other woodwork in the sanctuary.

We give thanks: the cabinets were paid for be an angel gift– a family who really believes that wearing our name tags will make a difference in the quality of our fellowship at Old First!

Remember: there are baskets by the doors each Sunday. You may of course simply put your own name tag back when you leave the building. But to make this easier, we have name tag baskets by both the front door and the exit of the social hall. If you throw your name tags in them, they will be replaced and waiting in the cabinet for you the next Sunday.