The Name Tags Will ALL BE RIGHT When Jesus Comes Back

The Name Tags Will ALL BE RIGHT When Jesus Comes Back

Last week, the new order of name tags arrived, and on Sunday, they were laid out on the table in the lower narthex.

And people began finding theirs and putting them on. It is much easier to be sure of who someone is when he or she is wearing a name tag!

But almost as quickly people started asking, “Where’s mine?” We tried! It’s feeling like a millennial– we’ll get it right when Jesus comes back. But we tried… for a whole month, we had Julie B. with a clip board after worship and working the social hall during Fellowship Hour.

And we missed some. And some of you missed letting us know you want or need one.

We’re never going to get it all right. But we’re going to get closer. And keep at it– because new people just keep showing up….

We’re going to put a sign-up sheet on the table so that if you need one, you can let us know. We probably won’t order again until after the new year, so be patient with us.

But we’re moving in the right direction. There are more people wearing name tags. And more people asking after theirs. And there are plans afoot for some boards on the stairways and in the elevator where we can begin keeping the name tags, and where they will be easy to pick up each Sunday…

So if we missed you, we’re sorry. Right your name down, and we’ll get you with the next order.

And maybe next, we’ll try something like the old time name tags Michael found at a flea market: not only adding to our name tag practice the friendly “Hello, my name is…” but also the leading question, “Who are you?”