The Passing of Jean Drake

The Passing of Jean Drake

Jean always loved to tell the story of her first Sunday at Old First, soon after we moved back to 4th and Race in the late 60’s. We were still worshiping in the Social Hall, as the Sanctuary wasn’t ready yet. But to get in the building, she had to climb through a window into the Social Hall. That means that Jean was a member of Old First almost 50 years. She traces her church life back even further in the UCC, as she was raised a Massachusetts Congregationalist (of which she was quite proud).

(Jean, pictured with Mindy at the McCall School Fundraiser in Chinatown.)

Jean has been on hospice care at Simpson House for the last couple of months. She’d been at Simpson since the hospitalization in December resulting from a stroke. We’ve been praying for her weekly.

Jean passed away peacefully on Wednesday night, August 10. She had been clear with her husband and with Jackie that if she could not expect a quality of life, she would not want extensive interventions to prolong her life. In this sense, her passing is merciful. But she is sorely missed by Jim and her two sons Christopher and Patrick, her extended family, her church family and a host of friends and former colleagues.

We will share a fuller obituary as it is available.

The family is making arrangements for a memorial service, and we will share details as soon as they are confirmed. And there will be on the communion table this Sunday a flowering plant, symbolizing the loss of one of our saints. Please keep the family and friends in your prayers.