The Redevelopment along 4th Street Gets Rolling

The Redevelopment along 4th Street Gets Rolling

Joint Venture Ministry Team update:

The Project is construction of a building providing 36 efficiency apartments for permanent supportive housing for previously homeless individuals, office space for Old First, and commercial space for compatible businesses/organizations.

Since the Joint Venture Ministry Team first met with Community Ventures staff David LaFontaine, Troy Hannigan and Patrick Isaac, and Sandra Guillory of DePaul USA in September of this year, there has been considerable activity and more to come. The Joint Venture Agreement is being finalized and will be presented to the congregation for approval on December 16, 2018. This agreement is between Old First, Community Ventures, and DePaul USA as partners in the Project.

The Project architect has been selected: it is BWA Architect. Their website is if you are interested in seeing some of their other work. BWA’s offices are located at 230 N. 2nd Street.  Several of the architects on staff live in Old City. BWA was selected because they have the experience, perspective and capacity CV that we believe are required for the Project. BWA was the project architect for the Connelley House, located at 1212 Ludlow Street. The Connelly House, built on property owned by St. John the Evangelist Church, also provides permanent supportive housing for previously homeless individuals. BWA will include the front courtyard in their design, so that the Project, the Sanctuary building, and the courtyard all work together. BWA will also be partnering with Asalya Architects (located in West Philadelphia) and Heritage Group (Historic Preservation experts) in the design of the building and in working with the Historic Commission. We have learned a great deal already about the history of our corner of Philadelphia. Photographs of how the corner previously looked will be circulated at the 12/16/18 congregational meeting.  

The team has an ambitious timeline with a goal of submitting an application for tax credit funding for the Project by fall of 2019. That timeline includes significant community engagement with our Old City neighbors, City Councilperson Mark Squilla, other city agencies and organizations to gain support for the Project as we prepare to meet with the Historic Commission and with the Zoning Commission in preparation for construction.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask members of our team: Megan Grimm, Kathy Sykes, Jackie Williams, Spencer Anderson, Bob Robinson and Beth Walker.