Spiritual Companionship Theme for November: Fruits of the Spirit

Spiritual Companionship Theme for November: Fruits of the Spirit

Spiritual Companionship Themes (to begin our gatherings and meetings with a grounding in our faith)

We encourage each of our ministry teams, fellowship or service groups–from the Board of Elders to the property committee–to integrate spiritual formation into their “business” meetings.

Groups are asked to set aside time at each meeting to connect with God and with one another and with God. Under “Spiritual Companionship Themes” you can find suggestions to prompt that time of sharing.

Here’s this month’s suggestion for a spiritual discussion theme:

November 2011

Pentecost begins with a celebration of “first fruits” …the Christian holy day celebrating the arrival of the Holy Spirit and the founding of the church takes over a day in the Jewish religious calendar that celebrated the first harvests of the new growing season. 

The season of Pentecost (the longest in the church year) finishes with the culmination of our hemisphere’s growing season and the great American harvest festival of Thanksgiving.

Interestingly, these two holidays, one sacred and one secular, frame our long Christian growing season…

As we close the season of Pentecost (November 20 is the last Sunday of Pentecost), may I ask you to reflect for a minute. Here’s your question: how have your Christian faith or practice grown this Pentecost season (early fruits or something that just barely matures before a freeze!)?

Alternatively, you might ask how you have experienced the Spirit.

If you doubt you are still growing, I will remind you of something I always tell people (particularly elderly people who wonder why they are “still here”): if God gives us another day, there certainly must be something else for us to do or to learn…


Remember our “guidelines” for spiritual companionship sharing:

Groups are free to to structure this time however they choose. These discussion themes are provided as suggestions only.

In the spirit of our UCC tradition, each individual is free to “pass” and not share if s/he so chooses.