There’s No Place Like Home: Elizabeth and Griffin’s Hands Are In

There’s No Place Like Home: Elizabeth and Griffin’s Hands Are In

Why do we have a hand in at Old First?

Old First has been a home for us since 2010. And, like Dorothy says, “there’s no place like home,” right?

Why is it that way?

There’s a feeling of comfort, safety, and love. Old First has all of these things. But also, a home should be the one place you can find acceptance when it seems like the whole world wants to turn its back to you in judgment. Old First doesn’t turn its back.

Yet not every home can be that way. Some folks face in their homes insecurity and tension. Maybe it’s a guessing game each month whether they’ll be able to make rent or their monthly mortgage payments. Or maybe your family rejects or calls into question your life decisions, or home is where you suffer your parents’ unreasonably high expectations.

But Old First is home, and there’s no place like home.

Here, at home, we see the inherent worth of every person—every person deserves dignity! We are one spirit and Christ’s Body, yet we are all different, and open to one another’s differences.

Oh you’re a misfit? We are too!

It’s that openness that fuels the Old First community and our ministries to those beyond our four walls, who are in need.

That spirit of openness is what keeps us coming back week after week. And we want to continue to be a part of that ‘Big Welcome:’ to all of you, friends, and to those friends we have yet to meet, who are also looking for a place to call home. Because, say it with us folks, “there’s no place like home!”

– Griffin & Elizabeth