It's Not Too Early To Begin Thinking About Christmas???

It's Not Too Early To Begin Thinking About Christmas???

Hard to believe (and not so popular when we don’t like Christmas ads and decorations before Thanksgiving), but in church we have to begin thinking about the preparations for the Advent/Christmas season.

1) Christmas Flower Dedications need to be in by Nov. 23 before we decorate the sanctuary later that week. There there will be a flyer in the order of service beginning this Sunday; dedications can be made in honor of someone who is living or in memory of someone who has passed away.

  • $15 for a poinsettia
  • $10 as a contribution for the greenery & wreaths

2) A group will build the creche that will be temporary shelter for the donkey, sheep and goats who live in our courtyard during Advent: Saturday after Thanksgiving (11.29, 9 am) . The parts are stored in the basement of the sanctuary. With help from the men who visit our Saturday breakfast / cupboard, we carry them up and assemble them in the courtyard. If you are interested in helping out, please talk to Mark W. and Keith H. or just show up! (The animals will arrive on Dec. 11; be on the look out for sign-ups for animal care and feeding! And Creche Photo Day, Sun., 12.14)

3) The Greening of Sanctuary will take place Sat. Nov. 29 at 7 p.m, so that the Sanctuary will look a little bit like Christmas on the first Sunday of Advent, the next morning. We’ll hang the wreaths and decorate the Christmas trees. Join us in the Sanctuary that night, to help get ready for Christmas, and for some early Christmas cookies and hot chocolate.