Third Quarter Treasurer’s Report

Third Quarter Treasurer’s Report
Having just finished September, I would like to share with you the status of our 2017 operating budget. We are currently five thousand dollars in the red. Given our normal ebbs and flows, it is a pretty comfortable place to be, at this time of year.
We (our member giving) are the weakest part of the budget. We are currently $20K behind our budget for giving. However, I should add that we are exactly* where we were this time last year in terms of member giving. Our other income lines are doing better than anticipated and overall we are only $9K behind budget for income.
On the expense side, we are spending more on the property ($6K) than budgeted, but a good chunk of that is a good news story; we are replacing the the worn out carpets and we are doing it out of the operating budget.  Discipline and good fortune on other expense items mean we are $7K ahead of budget on the expense side.
The sharp-eyed among you will notice that $9K behind on income and $7K ahead on expense only equals $2K behind budget. That is correct, but we are budgeted to be be $3K in the red at this time of year, hence to overall figure of five thousand in the red as of September 30th.
As always, if you have any questions or concerns about the church finances, please come and ask me at church or via email or phone. Am happy to chat.
Yours in Christ,
Jonathan V, Treasurer
*Actually, within $10, but who’s counting?  Oh wait, I’m counting**.  🙂
**Actually, Adam S, Kris F, Kathy S, and others do the real counting, each and every week.