This Year's Old First Leadership

This Year's Old First Leadership

The Elder’s held their first meeting, their organizing meeting after the Annual Meeting last Monday night, at which they elected:

Larry Waddell the Moderator,
Nancy Donohue the Assistant Moderator, and
Annemarie Kleinhans the Secretary.

The other Elders are Beth Davis, Julius DeAngelus and Jackie Williams.

The other elected leaders for this year (either elected at the Annual Meeting or previously) are:

Treasurer — Adam Sherr
Assistant Treasurer — Laura Spencer
Financial Secretary — Gerry Woodruffe

Administrative Standing Leadership Group — Jonathan Vogan
Christian Education Standing Leadership Group — Yajeh Ndimbie
Congregational Life Standing Leadership Group — Megan Grimm
Outreach Standing Leadership Group — Steve Wilhite
Worship Standing Leadership Group — Griffin Drutchas

All of our Standing Leadership Groups are open to anyone who wants to be involved in that area of our church life. The same can be said of their meetings. If you would like to join and work with a SLG or attend one of their meetings, please speak to the SLG leader.

Community Engagement Director — Suzanne Cole
Endowment Director — Dan Bigelow
Assistant Endowment Director — Open
Stewardship Director — Karen Winey

Once we have ordained Larry an Elder, we will one Sunday soon, in worship, ask all our leaders forward to be installed for their service. Let us keep them and the work they do for us and for God in our prayers.

(Here’s a challenge: if you can’t put faces with each name, make it a first step to supporting our leadership… get to know them!)