Time to Make the Cascarones

Time to Make the Cascarones

Easter is almost upon us.

And at Old First we’re going to do Cascarones again, the incredible exploding confetti eggs! …With thanksgiving to the complicated and diverse human route by which this new tradition comes to us: Marjorie and the Reading Terminal Market, via Mexico, Italy… all the way back to China. (It not only takes a village: it’s more fun living in that village!)

But this year, we are going to try them outside, after the end of worship when the choir sings the “Halleluia Chorus” from Handel’s Messiah, and right before the children begin their Easter egg hunt.

(Ah, I can here a sigh of relief already… the confetti everywhere should be less of a problem outside. And maybe it can become one of the ways, as we go forth from church on Easter morning, that we begin to show and tell the world about a God who won’t give up on us, no matter what, never! …Oh, and as with anything at church, if you don’t want someone to crack an egg on your head, even a confetti egg, you can pass… and still find other ways to show and tell the world about the wonder and hope of resurrection!)

But first, we need to make 300 cascarones!

Michael has asked the Youth to come at 3 pm on Saturday, March 31 for Step 1 in Making the Cascarones. They will carefully open 300 eggs, wash them out well, dye the empty shells and leave them to dry. Oh, and they’ll need to make egg casseroles with all those eggs. We should be done between 6 and 7 p.m. There will be pizza (the church’s treat) for dinner before the youth leave us. This would be a great activity to invite and bring friends — other young people — to.

Michael is ask a second group to gather for Step 2 in Making the Cascarones. On Tuesday, April 3 at noon. We’ll provide a light lunch, and then get to work: filling the cascarones with the confetti and then gluing the little piece of tissue paper over the top of the egg. Michael and Mindy did all the eggs last year– it’s an easy, even enjoyable activity while you sit around and enjoy one another’s company.

Because of the timing of this activity, the invitation is particularly for people who are retired or don’t work outside the home during the day, or have very flexible schedules. If you really want to, take the day off and join us! Again, feel free to invite friends to join us, as we get ready for Easter!

If you have any questions, please feel free to speak to me!