Time To Receive New Members (Again)

Time To Receive New Members (Again)

We just finished introducing the last new member in last week’s E-pistle. But it’s time to organize another New Members’ Class.

Actually, via the friendship pads, people asked to join on the day of the last class, but, of course, we didn’t see of their interest until we reviewed the attendance records on Monday. So we’ve had people waiting awhile.

People are welcome to the class whether they are sure they want to join the church or not. It’s a great way to learn more and get to know more people.

With all the excitement of Easter, we’ll do it a few weeks after that, on Sunday, April 14, after worship. It’s our tradition to do it over lunch and in one session. We will then poll those who are joining, to see which Sunday works best for the reception of new members during worship.

Rather than any test of our candidates! …the New Members’ Class is the humble attempt of this church to make sure in-coming people know more (even enough) about the church they are joining.

That’s in large part because we know, no matter how hard others try to help, each new person has to find for her or himself where and how they fit in the faith community. And there are lots of different ways to participate, contribute and plug in. And finding one’s place is part of making us your church home, and about getting the most out of your church life.

We also ask that people considering membership ask someone to be their sponsor. A sponsor is someone you know or get to know better. The sponsor introduces the new member on the day when they are received into membership during worship. If a new member is not sure to ask, Michael is pretty proficient about making connections between sponsors and new members.

If you have any questions, or want to let us know you will attend the new class, please speak with Michael or indicate so on the friendship pads we complete at the beginning of worship.