Town Meeting on "Stop and Frisk" Friday, 04.29.16 7 pm

Town Meeting on "Stop and Frisk" Friday, 04.29.16 7 pm

POWER is hosting a Town Meeting on “Stop and Frisk,” the police practice in which police officers stop and question a pedestrian, then frisk them for weapons and other contraband, at  New Vision United Methodist Church 3529 N. Broad Street (close to the Allegheny Subway Stop on Temple University Hospital’s campus).

POWER has invited the Mayor and Police Commissioner to discuss the Police Department’s use of “Stop and Frisk” as a means by which police in Philadelphia patrol neighborhoods in our city and its effectiveness as a means of crime prevention and promotion of public safety.  There are significant issues surrounding the use of “stop and frisk” in terms of who is targeted with this methodology and its overall impact on safety and community.

All are welcome to be present to learn about the uses of stop and frisk.  We expect to hear testimony regarding the impact of Stop and Frisk on people and on our communities.  We anticipate our City’s leadership will be present to discuss their plans with regard to changing and/or eliminating its use.

If you come, we will be sure to get you a ride home.  Clark and Beth are committed to going.  I hope you can be there too.