Treasurer Update for the Congregation

Treasurer Update for the Congregation

We have finished 10 months in our fiscal calendar and now have some important updates on our finances.

Through the end of October we are $23,000 behind budget. This represents an important and adverse change from my last update. As always, this situation is driven by the 3 drivers of our financial health.

1. Regular giving is at 93% of budget, which translates to an $18,000 shortfall at this point. Now, we traditionally run a little behind on giving and we all play catch up in November and December. Please look through your mail for your statements through September that were mailed last month, look ahead to getting another interim statement at the beginning of December, and remember that you can check your giving at any time by logging into Breeze, which gets updated every week.

2. Staffing had some gaps, but also some overlap, so over the whole year we have “saved”  approximately $8,000. However, because of the impact on the mission and life of the church these are the “wrong” kind of savings, and we don’t want more of them, nor do we expect more of them.

3. The building has been a blessing and then a curse. In the first half of the year, we were doing well and spent money on various small but much needed repairs throughout the building. This put us $7,000 over our budget for repairs, but this is a good problem, as the repairs are still with us. In the second half of the year, the building’s influence turned. Various HVAC issues have blown a $12,000 cost over-run in the associated budget line. For our shelter guests, for our breakfast guests, for our worshiping guests, and for ourselves, these are unavoidable and ‘undelayable’ expenses, but they are also significant ones.

Miscellaneous savings and positive incomes variances in other lines, make up the difference.

As we look to finish out the year, if you are behind in your pledge, catch up if you can. If you are meeting your pledge, think if you can do a little more. Each year, things happen and not everyone of us can meet our pledges, so going over is a way to help out someone who might be struggling a little.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please find me in church.

See you in church,

Jonathan V