Tubing on the Delaware, Sun., Sept. 15 After Worship

Tubing on the Delaware, Sun., Sept. 15 After Worship

Monthly Post Confirmation Youth Group Begins with a Splash!

Who is going to go tubing down the Delaware with us on Sunday, Sept. 15 after worship? 

We’ve done it in the past. It’s fun for all ages. It’s safe even for non-swimmers. And there is an island halfway down the float where you get a hotdog and drink for lunch. Oh, and it’s an excuse to wear your swimming suit to church!

While you might think that only the kids want to do this, rumor had it that Adam’s daughters have talked him into floating. And Michael heard Griffin tell Elizabeth, who went before and had fun, that he’d watch the kids so she could go. And really, does Michael have to be the oldest?

We will leave in carpools right after worship (without even going to Fellowship Hour). We should arrive back at church about dinner time. (Tubing that day, with an off-season, group price will be $22.95).

But the tubing is not just an end of summer celebration. It is also a kick-off for a new Youth Group meeting. Come and help get this ministry to our teens started on a strong foot!!!  

We have a whole bunch of post-Confirmands and want to offer them some ministry that is specific to them. In busy middle school and high school lives, we have found that a once-a-month gathering is workable. We have tended to alternate — a trip one month, and then time together in discussion the next. Our discussions tend to be about issues and topics that concern the young people with a hope that we can get them to consider their lives in light of their faith. 

This year we are going to try and have youth group after worship on Sundays once a month. We are currently working out which Sundays that will be and will share the calendar as soon as it is complete. 

Emily P. and Michael, who enjoyed teaching confirmation class together this year, are going to run the Youth Group together. 

We are also going to ask (challenge) the young people’s parents and other adults in the church to help us out by trying to take the young people on trips —  roller-skating or bowling, to a relevant movie or museum, snowtubing (yes, Julie, Sarah needs to be initiated into this!), the flower show… Let’s see how creative our adults can be! 

And let’s pray that our effort helps our teens navigate through their teen years with the strength of faith and the love of this community as an ever-present support only second to God in the difference they make.