Turn Your Clocks AHEAD on Sat. night (03.09)

Ok, the winter storm never really materialized (even if yesterday was blustery and unpleasantly cold!).

So we’re that much closer to Spring. Here’s the next trail-marker. Daylight Savings Time begins this Sunday, March 10.

We advance the clocks one hour — spring ahead — before we go to bed on Saturday night (although increasingly our clocks are on-line and seem to do this themselves!), and so add light to the end of the longer daylight days of the warm months. It all has something to do with giving farmers time for their crops, or some such issue that may not be all that relevant to us city folk.

But it is relevant to this Sunday’s church goers. Not just because you lose an hour on Saturday night. But because if you don’t make the change, everyone will know your mistake when you arrive at church as we are finishing worship.

…Yes, we will still welcome you at Fellowship Hour, but more people than usual might have to ask what you thought of worship! Of course, your answer could be, “I always enjoy shorter services!”