Two Old Firsters Join our Summer Staff

Two Old Firsters Join our Summer Staff

It’s not that unusual to see new faces show up to spend the summer with us. We’ve hired people, for example to work with summer camp. And we’ve often had Germans spend a season with us. What’s different this year is that we have two Old Firsters working with us in paid positions.

Service Camp Coordinator
Yajeh N. will be serving as the Service Camp Coordinator until the end of the summer. Which is a good thing — we have more service camps scheduled this summer than any year since Michael’s been here.

Yajeh is free because she’s working on her Master’s in Special Ed. at St. Joseph’s. Since she has not longer been our volunteer Director of Christian Education, she’s become increasingly involved in the Saturday Breakfast and Cupboard. She’s really excited about this opportunity to help visiting service campers experience the city for all its benefits and challenges. And she particularly interested in how to help them reflect on their faith through this experience.

This summer job is also a great opportunity for Old First to have someone “hosting” our service camps who knows our community this well. And on her second day of work with us, she’d already made a new relationship for us, a new site to which we can send volunteers.

Nursery Attendant
Usually, our nursery attendants are nursing students at UPenn, our connection traditionally has been Adam S. who was employed at the School of Nursing. We couldn’t find a nursing student who would be interested or available this summer.

So we have asked Mark S., Greta’s son, home from Seton Hall University for the summer, to cover the nursery for us. Mark grew up in this church. Even though we know him well, we’ve gotten all the standard clearances. Mark is good and experienced caring for children, and he will be with us until he returns to college towards the end of August.

Welcome Yajeh and Mark in these new roles, and give thanks for our church finding the help we need.