Upcoming Meeting on Work to be Funded by Capital Campaign

Upcoming Meeting on Work to be Funded by Capital Campaign

Our ad hoc committee (chaired by Geneva, and including Nancy D., Griffin D., Mark F., Keith H., Louis M. and Julie S.) liasoning with KSK Architects for the Capital Campaign’s property assessment has had its last meeting with the architects. They have have provided us with a wealth of information about our buildings and property — the site work that needs to be done as well as work we would like to do to make our space better serve our mission purposes. KSK has worked with an estimator to provide approximate costs for all this work, and their Property Assessment Report will also cover suggestions about sequencing of the work. This report will be made available to everyone as soon as it is available in final form, we expect in the next few weeks.

The Old First committee has worked as a team — and really diligently — to master all the information and to formulate a way for the congregation to think about what lies ahead of us and how to proceed. Julie S. laughs and says, “I’ve been on a lot of committees around this church over the years; and honestly, this has been one of the hardest working and the most effective. I’m surprised and pleased where we have come out.”

We had previously announced a congregational meeting for Sunday, Oct. 25 following worship at which the committee was to present: 1) an overview of KSK’s findings, and 2) the committee’s recommendation to the congregation. The committee is ready with their recommendation, but both the committee and Elders believe that in the name of transparency, KSK’s assessment needs to be available at the time the committee makes its presentation. The congregation needs to be able to refer to the info. from which the committee has been working up its recommendations. Since we are still waiting on the assessment report in its final form, we will, therefore, postpone the congregational meeting.

When the assessment report has been received and can be made available to the community at large, we will announce the congregational meeting with the prerequisite two weeks’ notice.

We are not planning scheduling a vote when this first congregational meeting happens. Rather, it will be an opening of a congregation-wide discussion — a time for the committee to present the findings of KSK’s assessment and their recommendations. There are some significant changes being recommended. There will be time for questions for clarification.

We plan there will be a more in depth informational “hearing” a few weeks later, and at some point after that a second congregational meeting at which a vote may be taken and a request for the approval of specific expenditures for detailed project work.

Please pray for this effort — the success of our Capital Campaign and our first steps into work on the building and our keeping God’s mission at the forefront of all our deliberations, decisions and doings.