Upcoming Visitors

Upcoming Visitors

We have scheduled sixteen service camps over the next six months! We are definitely going to have a house full for last part of our spring and most of the summer.

Here’s who you can expect to see this spring at Old First:

Mar 2-4 St. John’s UCC, Riegelsville  – This is their annual retreat to Old First. They’ve been coming for at least a decade.

Mar 9-11 Pleasantville UCC – Their confirmation class will be coming along with a few other youth for their annual trip.

Mar 11-17 Mott Campus Clowns – College troupe that will be clowning around Philadelphia

Mar 18-22 Wooster School, CT – The group leaders has been bringing groups here for fifteen years for spring break!

Apr 20-21 Palm Schwenkfelder, Palm, PA – Spring annual trip, at least five years of Old First visits.