Update on Blanket Sunday

Update on Blanket Sunday
Thank you to all those individuals who purchased Blankets to benefit a special mission

opportunity through the World Church Service. This year, we have raised  $255 for Blanket
Sunday. That is amazing! Your donations to CWS provide warm blankets to people in their time
of need.
Each year, you support the critical relief and development work of CWS and give a hand-up to
people in need, enabling them to feel the warmth of compassion and hope. Families arrive at
emergency shelters during their darkest hours. Whether struggling in the face of grinding
poverty or attempting to rebuild after devastation like a house fire, families are in search of
warmth and comfort. When they are met with CWS Blankets, they have a tangible reminder that
they are not alone. Children – and their parents – can rest a bit more warmly because of your
For your wonderful support of Blanket Sundays and on behalf of all the families you
have helped, but may never meet—THANK YOU.
Anonymous in honor of All Moms
Renee C. in memory of her Grandmother, Anna S.
Nancy D. in honor of Christine C. and Jessica B. and in memory of Lillian B.
Kris F. in honor of Grandma June & Grandma Audrey, and Evren and her Mom
The Forrest kids in honor of their Mom
Grant F. in memory of his parents
Lena & Ander G., in honor of their Mother and their two Grandmothers
Blossom G. in honor of the Calverts, and in memory of Ruth M. & Grandmothers
G. Wesley L. in honor of his sister, Linda L.
Delilah M. in honor of children everywhere
Greta S. in honor of her Mom Delilah and sisters Karen G. and C. Yvette W.
Julie S. in honor of Marta R. and Eleanor S.
Mark and Eleanor S. in memory of Florence and Dorotha
Laura S. in memory of Nancy S.
Alex and Anna S. in honor of their Mom Sarah
The Sherr family in honor of Sara W., Winnie W., Bonnie S. and Amelia S. and in memory of Anne B.,
Nettie S. and June H.
Susie S. in memory of Steve S.
Beth W. in honor of Julie S. & Marta R. and in memory of Lois T. & Gladys W.
Vicki and Skip W., in honor of all Moms
Gerry W. in honor of Jacqulin W. and Robyn G. and in memory of Florence W. & Elizabeth K.

Kris F. Blanket Sunday Coordinator