Update on the Pastoral Discernment Process

Update on the Pastoral Discernment Process

At  their  meeting  on  July  9,  the  Elders  approved  the  extension  of  the  Covenant  Ministry agreement  with  Michael  Caine  to  cover  the  period  of  the  pastoral  discernment  process  that began  in   August.  The  Elders  also  approved  the  formation  of  the  Pastoral  Discernment  Task Force.  The   membership  of  that  that  task  force  has  now  been  finalized:  
Susan  Hutton  DeAngelus,  Chair; Kristen  Miller; Margaret  Rohdy; Mike  Waas, Rebecca  Composto, Dan Rothermel, Adam  George, Leah  Lim  Bhullar, Nancy  Donohue  and Beth  Davis  
The  timeline  for  the  discernment  process  is  as  follows:      

Now  through  October  20th  –  Members  of  the Old  First community are  encouraged  to  share  their views   on  Michael’s  becoming  the  settled  pastor  of  Old  First  with  members  of  the  Pastoral Discernment  Task  Force  or  with  any  one  of  the  Elders  through  one-­‐on-­‐one  meetings, telephone  conversations,  or  email.    

September  and  October  –  Four  open  meetings  will  be  held  following  worship during which  members  can  share  their  views  on  Michael’s  becoming  the  settled  pastor  for  Old   First  – the  dates  for  these  meetings  are  Sept.  16,  Sept.  30,  Oct.  7,  Oct.  21.  

One   additional  meeting will  be  held  with  the  church’s  youth  to  gather  their  input.    

During   this period,  members  are also  encouraged  to  share  their  observations  on  Michael’s   leadership  through  one-­‐on-­‐one meetings,  telephone  conversations,  or  email  with  task   force members  or  with  any  one  of  the Elders.  

October  29th  –  The  Pastoral  Discernment  Task  Force  makes  it  report  to  the  Board  of   Elders.  

Sunday,  November  18th,  following  worship  –  A  congregational  meeting  will  be  held  to   consider the  recommendation  of  the  Elders  regarding  pastoral  leadership  following  their   consideration  of the  report  of  the  Pastoral  Discernment  Task  Force. If  the  Elders  make  a   recommendation  that Michael  should  become  our  settled  pastor,  there  will  be  a  vote  of   the  congregation  at  this meeting  to  issue  to  Michael  a  formal  call  to  become  Old  First’s   pastor.

(A reminder: while Old First basically welcomes members and friends of this community to participate as equals in the life and ministry of our church, the actual voting at the congregational meeting has to be restricted to members. If you would like to become a member, please let us know.)      

Anyone with  questions  or  concerns  about  this  process  is  encouraged   to  contact  the  moderator  of  the  Elders,  Steve  Wilhite.