Updates and Save the Dates for Old First House

Updates and Save the Dates for Old First House

Updates and Save the Dates – Old First House construction to begin June 12, 2023

We have learned the following this week- here are the dates:

May 31, 2023- The day our neighbor’s construction van will be removed from the back lot.

Date to be provided- work day for volunteers to recover Hostas, Plants, Bricks and Belgian Blocks and any parts of the CE building that we want to save.

June 4, 2023- Sealing of the west facing windows in the Sanctuary and Balcony (we need your help if you are physically able).

June 8, 2023- Closing on the transfer of leasehold rights and all the items Old First members voted on at the last congregational meeting.

June 11, 2023- Worship begins at 10:00 and will take place in the back parking lot with a blessing of the land and a thank you to buildings that will be demolished or moved.

June 12, 2023- Fencing will be installed around the perimeter of the construction site along the street edge of the sidewalk on 4th Street and Race Street. Access doors on the west side of Old First will be closed and sealed, so access to the construction site from the church building will not occur.

First steps in the plan are Asbestos Abatement in the two buildings on 4th Street, then demolition (manual with machine assist) will occur.

Moving Day for the Fox Building sometime between  7/22 – 8/7/23 – Moving the Fox Building to its new home 50 feet south- more details to come… but this will be an event to which we invite local politicians and leaders.

Cameras will be installed to record the construction process for Community Ventures insurance carrier and for interested folks who like to watch the progress of construction work.

We will provide further updates as we receive them. For now, it appears that the sidewalk on the East side of 4th Street and the South side of Race Street will be closed to pedestrian traffic.