Use Your Imagination–Stewardship Pledges Due This Sunday

Use Your Imagination–Stewardship Pledges Due This Sunday

During worship recently I asked us to exercise our imaginations, because our imaginations can be a window into doing God’s will and purpose for us.  God gives us imagination to see beyond the confines of our everyday thinking and to see into the realm of God.

Let’s imagine what we would do if personally received one million dollars.  That’s one million dollars tax free.  What would you do with the money?  Think for a moment – what would you do?  Spend sometime this week imaging one million dollars in your hands.  Make some plans.  Talk it over with trusted people.  Write down your plans until it feels right and blessed.

We can learn a lot about ourselves by answering this question honestly.  We can learn about our priorities, wishes, fears, and dreams.  We might focus on luxuries or our families or travel or perhaps we might just focus on our faith lives.  Do we imagine ourselves hoarding, being practical, being generous or being extravagantly generous?  And how well do our million-dollar plans reflect our faith?

Would we be generous or even extravagantly generous to Old First or would Old First come after we’ve satisfied all our other needs and wants?  Like I said, we can learn a lot about ourselves and our faith by answering this million-dollar question honestly.

After we have imagined our million-dollar plans, we can face the reality of our finances anew and ask the same questions.  Imagine that you have exactly the financial resources that you have.  What will you do with the money?  Think for a moment – what will you do?

If your inclination was to be faithful and generous upon receiving a million dollars, then I encourage you to be faithful and generous with what you actually do have.  And if your inclinations were out of sync with your faith, then know that God has the power to transform us over and over again until every aspect of lives is faithful.  Thanks be to God!

Finally, as Delilah Marrow said in church a couple weeks ago, stewardship is the overarching word used to describe how we apply our time, talents, and treasure to transform our faith from believing to doing.  So, while we are imagining how to use one million dollars faithfully, let’s also imagine how we would faithfully spend limitless time and boundless talent.  And after our imaginations have shown us more fully the will of God, let us each find our next step.  Together we can faithfully work to bring God’s love to this world.

We will collect stewardship pledges for the work of our church in 2014 during worship this coming Sunday, November 17. You may also pledge online.

See you in church,

Karen Winey, Director of Stewardship