Ushers Needed to Help with Worship Service

Ushers Needed to Help with Worship Service

We’re experiencing a shortage of ushers. People who had been able to do it are not right now. And Greta and Yiwola and the Bill and Madelyn have been stretched to cover every Sunday.

Even more than that, we’re coming up to Christmas Eve, often one of the two biggest crowds of the year. We need a whole host of ushers for that service.

If you would like to serve — or consider serving — as an usher, please let Michael, Yiwola or Greta know.

If you aren’t sure what they do, they arrive about 10:30 to set up and prepare the sanctuary — turning on the lights, setting out the cross and candles, making sure the pews are clear, checking the sound system…

By about 10:40, the ushers need to be in position at the top of the stairs in the upper narthex, a second string of greeters for anyone and everyone who comes to Old First, but also to pass out the bulletins.

The ushers organize people to take up the offering. And they count to see how many have joined us for worship.

Finally, after worship, the ushers collect the bulletins for recycling, put away the cross and candles, straighten up the sanctuary and remove the sheets that have been filled out in the friendship pads.

It’s the kind of detail you might not even think about, but without their help, our service hardly works.

Would you like to join them. We’ll train you — once we get some new blood, we’ll organize a training for all the ushers — and make sure you know just what to do! If you are interested, please speak with Michael, Yiwola, or Greta.