“Value Statement” for the Memorandums of Unity – POWER Interfaith statewide

“Value Statement” for the Memorandums of Unity – POWER Interfaith statewide

“Value Statement” for – the Memorandums of Unity by which the various regional organizations will covenant together to form – POWER Interfaith statewide. This is a document still in formation, as it is being shared with various stakeholders. But I thought that the Old First community might be interested; we are, after all, a stakeholder. 

These are the shares values and principles that unify us in forming this Covenant: 

We believe that congregations and organized people of faith and moral courage have been and can be a force for positive, humanizing change. We embrace and proactive a model of organizing that equips faith and spiritual communities to exercise a prophetic voice in the public square and to build power together to repair a broken world. 

While we organize around issues, our work is centered primarily in the development of people. The issues we advocate are derived from the pain and hopes of those who face the most challenges in our society and whose voices have been devalued. We focus on cultivating relationships across differences and in empowering those closest to the pain. Our model of organizing is based on the idea that we encourage each person to take the steps they need to more fully realize their power.

In our local organizations and within the statewide network we are building together, we are committed to democratic decision-making combined with mutual responsibility and accountability. We aspire to develop grassroot community leaders and supportive, collaborative relationships that will increase our effectiveness and amplify our collective voice and power. 

We will strive to create and maintain a diversity of participation and leadership all that we do. Our concept of diversity includes race and gender; religion and moral tradition; economic means and geographic location. We seek to establish relationships across all of these measures of diversity as we organize to build POWER locally and across Pennsylvania. 

We aspire to become “a new people” who embody a new identity, rooted in radical kinship and respect for all life. We aim to build organizations and communities that truly see and love each other across lines of race, religious denomination, place, class, gender, immigration status and anything else that keeps us from recognizing the divine in each other. We agree that confronting and healing white supremacy, hyper-individualism, materialism and the devastation of the natural world are crucial to the work of liberation and collective power.