Volunteer Alongside Our Service Camps One Morning or Afternoon! (A Call for OFers!)

Volunteer Alongside Our Service Camps One Morning or Afternoon! (A Call for OFers!)

Dear Old First,

As part of our Urban Service Camp experience, we ask that all participants come with an open heart and mind. In doing so we hope that their experiences at each service site is enlightening, refreshing and life changing.

On July 9th, we will be hosting EXHALE, a large service group of 44 volunteers who will be travelling from St. Staunton, Illinois to stay with us until July 16th.  I want to invite anyone who is interested, to volunteer with members of EXHALE to 1 of 5 service sites from July 10th– July 15th.

In fact, we want to make such opportunities with our service camps a regular part of our life at Old First. It’s a new commitment out of the recent Outreach Standing Leadership Group meeting. Having OFers go on volunteer trips will offer our service campers more chance to get to know the people who are Old First (beyond just the staff they mostly see). Hopefully, service campers will ask why we think service is so important to faith! And if it really is, shouldn’t we at least sometimes be sojourning with them on their volunteer trips? It’s an irony that we send others off in service, but may not have these some kinds of experiences ourselves. Person by person, going with service camps will also begin to make a difference for Old Firsters.

We here at Old First are such a welcoming church and I am so looking forward to hosting this large group and welcoming them to Old First and to the city of brotherly love!  If you would like to be among the first to be part of their Service Camp experience, by taking part in volunteer work of your own, while learning more about the importance of our Urban Service Camp Ministry, please fill out your name on the Volunteer Sites form, indicating the volunteer site of your choice. Once done, either drop it in the collection plate today or next Sunday, or stop by the office Monday- Friday 8am-4pm

I look forward to seeing you soon!