Volunteering at Service Camp

Dear Old First,

Last week, I talked to you about volunteering at service sites that in the past have been reserved for Urban Service Camps. Stemming from the most recent Outreach Standing Leadership meeting, we’ve decided on a new commitment. To offer a new and exciting opportunity: having OFers go on volunteer trips, alongside our service campers!

In doing so, OFers not only have an opportunity to take part in service activities as part of outreach, but equally important, inviting service campers to ask why we think service is so important to faith! And if it really is, shouldn’t we at least sometimes be sojourning with them on their volunteer trips?

It’s an irony that we send others off in service, but may not have these same kinds of experiences ourselves. Person by person, going with service camps will also begin to make a difference for Old Firsters.

I am pleased to announce that two members of our congregation, Tim and Clark accepted the invitation and will head out with our newest Urban Service Camp: Exhale, this week to volunteer at Wissahickon Restoration and Broad Street Ministry.

Tim and Clark, we look forward to hearing about your experiences volunteering alongside Exhale. It is my sincere hope, that during your time volunteering you not only share in outreach with those whom you are helping, but also with Exhale. As they take part in service that stems from faith, openness, acceptance and reflection on the realities of urban poverty and inequality.

To volunteer yourself, open this list of Volunteer Sites and let me know where you would like to serve.

Best, Alesha