Voter Engagement Strategy Session

Voter Engagement Strategy Session

Last Saturday, Mike W., Richard, Bob G., and Michael stood on the corner of 3rd and Market trying to register voters. It was a great morning and they were there from 10 am to 12 noon. They were joined by Casey B., our organizer from POWER for Center City congregations. 

The upcoming elections – not just this November, but the ones after that too – are going to matter a lot in determining the direction our nation takes. And Pennsylvania is a key(stone) state in many of the national politics of representation. 

So, the 5 men on the corner of 3rd and Market spoke to everyone who walked by. They offered to register or update the voter registration of passersby for over 2 hours. They enjoyed their time together and had a lot interesting conversations with passersby. (Michael’s favorites were “I vote my butt off every time” and “we don’t know which side you’re on, but we better take this country back” (from Texans).

We need a strategy to make our efforts work! 

Michael has an idea that maybe we should register people to vote on South Street on weekend evenings – because young adults socializing there might be a group that are not yet completely registered or convinced their votes matter? But also, POWER has a plan for a means to mobilize our circles of friends and family to turn out the vote. 

Let’s send a team of leaders to POWER’s strategy session::

Next Thursday, June 30 from 6-8pm to plan and coordinate Voter Engagement activities for September and October. The meeting will be at the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia @ 2125 Chestnut Street (and a Zoom link will be made available for those who cannot attend in person).

Michael will be following up to see who can attend. But don’t wait on his call – let him know if you are interested…