Voter Registration Drive, Saturday, June 18

Voter Registration Drive, Saturday, June 18

HELP US HELP THE NATION: Voter Registration Drive, Saturday, June 18, 10am – 1pm

The November elections hold some very important decisions for our state and the nation. The importance of this election is in part about the extreme polarization in American politics these days. It is also about some of the issues and situations that are before us – climate change, racial justice, gun safety legislation, women’s health care, equality for LGBTQ folks…. And, of course, those two reasons are interconnected. 

And the next few elections following this November will be no less important. In fact, they add other questions, choices and possibilities for the city, as well as the state and the country. 

POWER and its national umbrella organization Faith in Action are developing election campaign strategies for this election and those that follow. They are about making sure people are registered and then working on voter turn-out. But there will also be some issues that will be the foci of our civic engagement efforts. 

Old First, as part of our faithful witness – as practicing, progressive Christians – don’t we understand that we need to be part of the political life of the world around us? At least, Michael always says, “Prayers are always needed, but never prayer alone. Begin with prayer, because we are to do all that we do with God. But faithfulness demands that we move on to advocacy, protesting, voting… and all the other wonderful forms of witnessing to what Jesus calls and teaches us.”

We are going to get started the easy way: registering people to vote on the corner of 2nd and Market on Saturday, June 18th from 10 am to 1 pm. It’s an easy service opportunity and fun –  just trying to engage the passersby and asking them if they are registered. And if they aren’t, helping them fill out the registration form. It’s open to all, just show up at church by 9:45 or meet us at the corner of 2nd / Market at 10 am. 

As we move ahead and get more involved, we can add phone banking (at home or gathered together) as well as ultimately, we hope to have taught everyone how to use texts and their phones to encourage all your contacts to get out and vote. We can become a community that’s a turnout powerhouse!