W.I.S.E. Congregation Training, Saturday, May 16, 9am-noon

W.I.S.E. Congregation Training, Saturday, May 16, 9am-noon

Michael checked the Pennsylvania NE Conference Minister, and the Regional Training for the WISE Congregations that was supposed to be on Saturday, May 16 has been rescheduled, but NOT UNTIL NEXT YEAR. So, he suggests we get started on our own! We can do this!

Michael has reached out to the pastor of Glenside UCC. She has said her congregation was interested in this too, and maybe they will get going with us? He’s also contacted staff from the Pennsylvania Southeast Conference to see if they know of other congregations that want to join us for this training.

The first planned training day will that same Saturday morning, May 16, that had originally been planned as a full day WISE retreat. We don’t even have to travel. We will gather in the comfort and known surroundings of the OldFirstGatheringSpace on Zoom. We will meet from 9am – 12pm. 

If you have time before the first meeting, please take a look at this article as an introduction:


Michael is creating an agenda, but if anyone wants to help him with it, that would be greatly appreciated! We will get to know each other and why this ministry calls us. We will go over the basics of the program, watch the orienting video, and then plot out next steps. (There might be time for a bit more too, I haven’t gotten that far yet.)

Ask if you have questions, speak if you have suggestions, and let Michael know if you are interested but cannot make it on May 16.