Ways You Can Help Maintain our Outreach Ministries

Ways You Can Help Maintain our Outreach Ministries

At the luncheon after worship on April 7th, a group of 20 people discussed ways our ministries can improve and how congregants can be involved. The Outreach Ministries are the reason many people are drawn to Old First and it takes the love and helping hands of each of us to maintain the ministries. We want to share with you some of ways that you can be involved in direct or non-direct service with the ministries.

Saturday Cupboard

* write correspondence/read correspondence for the guests

* pray with/for the guests of the Cupboard

* donate breakfast bars or fresh fruit for the guests

Men’s Shelter

* act as host to the dinner groups

* write correspondence/read correspondence with the guests

* prepare a meal once a month and enjoy fellowship with the guests

Urban Service Camps

* lead reflection with the youth

* share your experiences of city living (particularly good for those who are previous suburban/country residents)

* discuss advocacy and the issues Philadelphia faces (education, lack of job security, wealth distribution)

Young Adult Service Community

* be a companion to one of the young adults (share a meal once a month, show them around the city, get to know them)

* share experiences with the young adults

* help the young adults find their place in the congregation


* attend community meetings

* sign advocacy letters

*share stories with friends (one-on-ones)