We Are Coming to the End (of the Capital Campaign)

We Are Coming to the End (of the Capital Campaign)

PHASE I Capital Campaign work is almost done, but wait, there’s more…

  As you may recall, the project list for Phase I included the following:

  • Building envelope repairs: gutters, cornice, soffits, windows, doors, exterior painting, masonry restoration
  • Door hardware safety/security upgrade
  • Elevator mechanics and widening of elevator opening
  • New boiler and hot water heater
  • New sound system
  • Improved sanctuary lighting

A member of the congregation recently expressed interest in what the estimate is for the hardscape work in the front of the sanctuary building.  As we see the Sanctuary transformed, we want to know what it will take to finish the job, to complete the vision that was presented to us at the beginning of the Capital Campaign.

Here are some estimates from the KSK proposal for the next phase of improvements:

  • For new exterior and Interior lighting to enhance the look and increase safety in the front courtyard in the evenings:                             $40,000
  • For demolition, repaving, and repairs to the plaza in front of the church, and new signage:                                                                            $89,100
  • For the installation of glass doors in the front, restoration of existing wood front doors and new hardware:                                               $35,000
  • Total:              $164,100

The above figure is an estimate.  The doors can be done independent of the other project and the hardscape and lighting can be done in stages.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Teresa or I and we can send you some more information.  As we head into our anniversary celebrating season and look back to what we’ve accomplished in 290 years, let’s keep our eyes on the future as well, and consider how we can continue building on our heritage and preserving the building that is our home.

Beth Walker and the Capital Campaign Construction Committee