Weekly Outreach Update- August 21

Weekly Outreach Update- August 21

Hi everyone,

Want some awesome news? We served 23 people last week at the cupboard! This is up four from the week before. As I mentioned in my last article, we have been doing our best to provide a hot breakfast in addition to the bag each guest receives with dry goods, a beverage, and hygiene products. As of now, there has been no issue finding individuals/organizations/churches that are interested in helping in this way. And because of that, the rest of August and all of September are filled with fresh food donors. On the menu for this Saturday is cheese sandwiches… yum! If you or anyone you know is interested in helping prepare food for any Saturdays in October, feel free to send them my way via email at volunteer@oldfirstucc.org. It’s never too early to prepare in my book!

As far as changes go, it was proposed at this week’s Outreach meeting that we rearrange the tables in the social hall in order to accommodate more guests at a time, while remaining socially distanced of course. To do this, there are now three tables spread apart from one another that are meant to hold all sizes of clothing. Even with this new setup, the clothing volunteer would still assist in the same way as done in previous weeks. However, it was through sorting the items this afternoon and from our awesome clothing volunteer John, that we realized that we are low on some items. Specifically, we could really use boxers (all sizes), shorts (all sizes), and pants/jeans (all sizes). If you or anyone you know would be interested in helping in this manner, again please ask them to contact me! By tomorrow, I will also be updating our Amazon Wishlist to include boxers, in case anyone would like to order from there. 

Lastly, I have been having some challenges recruiting individuals to volunteer on Saturdays, which is completely understandable due to the current state we are in. However, I want to re-assure anyone who is thinking of volunteering but may have some reservations, that we are taking the situation very seriously here at Old First. Every volunteer and guest is required to wear a face mask, and if they don’t have one then one is provided to them. In addition, we also have face shields to give to our volunteers. 

Thanks again to all of our amazing volunteers and donors; we could not do this without you. 

See you Saturday,


Jess, Outreach Coordinator