Welcome Our New Outreach Coordinator, Natania Harris

Welcome Our New Outreach Coordinator, Natania Harris

Natania has Bachelors and Masters degrees in Human Services. While working at Mental Health Partnerships and Horizon House, she gained experience supervising and working with people experiencing homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction, mental health issues and other community agencies that serve people who are homeless. She is now working at the transitional shelter Station House where she supervises case managers and other staff working to find homes for homeless men. 

She has helped members of the community attain public assistance benefits and others to locate employment opportunities. At Horizon House, she held a series of positions as Outreach Specialist, Case Manager, Residential Support Specialist, Rehabilitation Counselor, and Housing Resource Specialist.

Natania’s references were enthusiastic about her abilities to get things done on a schedule, motivate others, her leadership skills, and dependability. They would definitely hire her again. 

Her interview with us demonstrated good communication skills and a passion for helping people experiencing homelessness.

It is with pleasure that we welcome Natania to the Old First staff. She will be attending worship with us twice each month so you will see her eventually. You can meet her before then if you become an Outreach Volunteer or attend the monthly Outreach SLG meetings held on the third Monday each month at 6pm on the church zoom.

Clark Dingman, Chair

Outreach SLG