Welcome to Breeze! Our new online member directory

Welcome to Breeze! Our new online member directory

Old First is moving to a new platform, called Breeze, for our membership directory. By the time you read this, you should have received an invitation in your email to create your own username and password.

Why should I create my own account?

With a Breeze account, you’ll be able to access the member directory for contact information of your fellow church members and send email messages to groups you belong to within church (such as choir, SLGs, fellowship groups, etc). You’ll also be able to check your contributions throughout the year to see how your giving compares to your annual pledge.

What if I don’t want to make an account?

If you decide not to make you own username and password for Breeze, that’s fine. Although you will not be able to access the membership directory and other features of the system, you will continue to receive email communications from Old First, including the weekly e-pistle.

Why are we switching to Breeze?

Some of you might remember that we switched to Realm just a few years ago. So why are we switching again so soon? Over the past year or so, Realm eliminated some key features while simultaneously raising the price. Breeze is specifically designed for small- and medium-sized churches, so we are cautiously hopeful that it will better meet our needs for less money.

I need help!

If you would like some phone support for signing up, please contact the office (215-922-4566) or send a message to <web@oldfirstucc.org>.

How do I find Breeze?

To find Breeze in the future, you might want to bookmark the site. Or go to Old First’s website and click the link that is at the bottom of any page.

Download the app!

In addition to having an excellent website that’s best used on a desktop computer, Breeze also has a very good app for smartphones. Once you have established your own username & password, download the app. The first time you log in you’ll need Old First’s church ID, which is oldfirstucc.

Special note for Gmail users

If you are a Gmail user, please note that messages from Old First that are sent via Breeze will be automatically filtered to your UPDATES tab. If you drag a message from UPDATES to PRIMARY, any subsequent messages from that specific Old Firster coming via Breeze will go into PRIMARY. (You might have to do this with a few messages, depending on who emails you regularly. That is, you’ll need to do it for a message from Michael, and also for a message from your SLG leader, etc.)